Inside Out

The following works are a selection of the artwork that has been made during the Art Therapy training at the Hoge School van Utrecht, from 2012 to 2016. The work is very personal.
Students undergo a selection as they should be experienced and be able to work with different materials both 2 and 3 dimensional. During the training people learn to work with different materials and experience a deep growth in their expressive abilities. The accent of this kind of work is set on the therapeutic value of art as it is in what is called ‘outsider art’. Personally I do not agree with the name ‘outsider art’ as it suggest the existence of ‘insider art’. It is a way to categorise artists, while so many of them will fall in both categorie. This is a difference that has never been applied to other artistic expressions like music or acting.

The rationale of the work is described in word and image in a handwritten book.