Lidia Tato

My name is Lidia Tatò. I was born in Italy and moved to Amsterdam in 1992.

I have a master’s degree in hypno-psychotherapy and one in art therapy. I work in my own practice as well as in different psychiatric institutions.

Art expression has always been very important to me. I have followed different trainings and courses among which SKE (creative craftsmanship), drawing, painting, jewelry, pottery and glass fusion.

My inspiration is the meeting between the inside and the outside world and the different feelings and emotions that this meeting brings about. I am sensitive and empathic and I resonate with the life experiences people share with me in my practice, work and in institutions. When we can safely resonate at a deeper level it is possible to discover and heal hidden parts of ourselves.

I am fascinated by the use of different materials and the infinite combinations mixing materials creates. There are many artists in history that have produced art through the use of different materials. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso are just a few examples. Other artists have combined music and painting, theatre and writing. They choose not to choose. Sometimes people say I should specialize and focus on one technique. I also choose not to choose and I see myself as a multi instrumentalist in music or an explorer discovering new territories. As an art therapist I have to master different techniques. Each technique makes space for a particular experience and resonates with different modalities inside of us. Mastering different techniques multiplies the creative possibilities. It gives me creative FREEDOM. Freedom to express my curiosity, experiment and experience new possibilities. In this freedom there are different themes and patterns that can be found and a clear personal style, like the same person saying the same things but in different languages.

On this site you can find some of my work. You can contact me at: